Programmer looking for an artist to team up with.

Hello! I am a programmer looking for a like-minded artist as a teammate to create games with. I have both indie and professional experience as a programmer in game development. I currently work full time at a studio as a Gameplay Programmer in Unreal. Before that I was a Lead Programmer overseeing a team developing games in Unity. I am completely confident in my ability to handle all programming and technical needs. I am not however an artist and thus the reason why I am posting this. If you wish, I can give a more in depth overview of my experience and qualifications after contacting me.

I have given a lot of thought as to what I am looking to get out of my career. My end goal is to work full time as an indie game developer with a small team. Ideally a “small team” would primarily consist of myself and an artist. I would much rather have quality over quantity in terms of people working on games.

Game(s) to work on
I would prefer for both of us to discuss what type of game(s) would best fit for us to create. I have side projects from the past and one I have been working on currently, but I am open to starting something new.

The request to work together is based off of Royalty. This means that neither of us should expect to receive any money until either we receive funding or after we ship a game. The beauty of working together is if the game is successful, we share in its success rather than just getting a set value or splitting the amount between a lot of people. This is a partnership, not an employer/employee situation. We should see ourselves as equals. As a result, we should expect to work equally as hard.

Who I am Looking for
I am looking for someone who has experience with 3D models, rigging, animation, particle effects, etc. You handle creating the assets and I’ll handle the functionality. I am also open to learning/helping out with particle systems, animation, and some technical artist tasks. I want someone who has a passion for what they do and are willing to fight to be successful in it.

The point is we will work together so that eventually both of us can do this for a living. Making games while working from home and sharing their success sounds like a great life to me. Please if you do not have the commitment to see a game through, do not bother to contact me. I expect commitment from you and I want you to expect it from me.

I hope that you share the same life goals as I do. If so, I think we could really help each other to reach them. If you like the idea of teaming up with me please get in touch.