Programmer looking for a project

Hi guys, I’m Adam and I’m looking for a game to work on (3D only!) as a summer job! Right now I’m working on my own project at the same time, but I would like to get some money by helping other projects so that I can invest more money to my own project and I can get some experience!
My Skills
I have almost a year experience with programming using Blueprints inside UE4 and I can also do C++ which I’ve been learning for 2-3 months, but not for games yet. So, having said that, I would be glad to work with you on a project that uses UE4 so that I can work with Blueprints, what I’m used to. In programming I have experience with UI, gameplay, not high level but something complex logic and basic networking. I also know some AI programming, but not too much. And animation related tasks are my weak points, just like geometry stuff haha!
I can also help in designing your game. My favourite part is level design in designing, and I can help in game design too!
What am I looking for?
I’m not gonna enumerate all the genres I like, but I prefer horror, choices matter and adventure games mostly. Talking about members of your team, I’m fine with having to work with an already huge team, but I can join to a project if it has only a few members, I don’t mind! One important thing I have here is that I want to join a kind, friendly, understanding team that can work together and doesn’t mind if I do something wrong.
I can join a project for long-term, but feel free to contact me even if you need help only in something that takes just a small amount of time, so far my plan is to work like 10-20 hours a week, I believe that is a possible goal for me. My prices are negotiable, and we can make it task-based if you know what I mean, but hourly wage is fine too. If you’re interested in hiring me, please add me on Discord: GreenMage#8709 .
Thanks, have a good day!