Programmer for Replay feature, Steam and twitter integration

Hyperun is an interplanetary speed and score event set in the future. It is regarded as the most dangerous sport in the galaxy.
Completed Greenlight in 8 days:

We are Concrete Games.
For more info (team members, previous games):

• Experience with Unreal Engine and C++
• Experience with integrating Steam

• Integrate Steam for achievements, leaderboards, stats
• Create a Replay feature (leaderboard entries can be replayed in real time)
• Create a gif at the end of each run that can be posted on twitter from the game

We are looking for a freelance programmer able to do the above.
Can work from anywhere. 2000€ upon mission completion (or sub-missions).

i have sent u a pm.

If the game is multiplayer you can use builtin replay system; if not, then a replay system written from scratch is required to make possible what you need.