Programmer for our Interior Design toolkit.

I have just started a studio, we will be developing applications for Interior Designers and Architects, nothing too complicated for a good programmer, it would involve developing UI, object interaction, texture replacements, VR interactions etc. I have already hired modelers and texture artists. We would prefer a full time candidate in our studio but if we can not find someone in our city (New Delhi) we would be ok with hiring someone in a remote location. I can offer more details about our vision over email or skype.
Kindly send your info to

You can use my ArchVis VR toolkit , If you need more customization to original project please contact to my email :

Thanks Vahid for the message, looks like a great tool. We will discuss it in our office and might try it. meanwhile we are looking for a full time coder to help us with our needs.

No problem if you need a remote programmer we can talk about that too, I’ll send an email to you.