Programmer for Japanese Anime Cel Shading & Outlines


I need a japanese Anime Cel Shader (no borderlands, no disney, or other cartoon) + Outlines.

The biggest problem in my game is that the scenes are only in night, night forests etc. and I want to keep realistic environment shadows but I want to have the cel shading unlit effect on the skin, clothes etc. (realtiv to the bright and dark areas and the angle of the player camera).

My current Cel Shader (Post Process) have a few of bugs. Not rendering any emissive glow effects or don’t rendering 2d scene capture components (Render Target) in the post process effect :frowning:

Cel Shading Features:
The Cel Shading need to be for skeleton and none skeleton Anime Characters.
The Cel Shading need to be game ready for PC, Xbox One, PS4.
The Cel Shading need especially to be optimized for dark night scenes, include bright and dark areas and multiple lighting.
The Cel Shading need to support emissive glow effects and 2d scene capture components rendering for 3D Previews of Characters and Models in Head Up Displays (HUD’s).
The Cel Shading Shadows need to be depend on the angle of the Player Scene Camera.
The Cel Shading need to have roughness variable inputs for reflection.

Outlines Features:
The Outlines for the cel shading need to have variables to adjust the color and width of the Outlines.
The Outlines should not to be rendered by black objects.

And for that I am looking for a “good” programmer (No medium or big company that want thousands of dollars only for writing a single shader, post process etc.)

I have refs of the Shader / Post Process quality you need to reach for the final rendering :slight_smile:

Also I have my own Anime Char and already prepare a sample scene to work with it :slight_smile: (I will closely work with you together in this time)

If you have interest please feel free to pm me and tell me your price in $.

Condition: You need to have experience with japanese anime cel shading

**Communication: **Discord or Email

**Delivery time: **Maximum of 3 Weeks

**Payment: Paypal, **Only fix price, not per hour!

Edit the Description of the Offer.

Edit the Description of the Offer again for better understanding. Also the job is still open! :slight_smile:

PM me or give me your email