Programmer (Blueprint) for various projects

Hey, we are looking for a UE4 programmer who works with Blueprint (knowing C++ is a nice extra). We work on various projects and often get requests that we can’t cover due to time constraints. That’s where we could really use an additional helping hand, so we thought it’s time to reach out and find a few new people who we can contact in those times.
Projects’ length vary, some are shorter (couple of weeks), some are a bit longer (couple of months) and most of the times these can be worked on part-time. There are AR, VR, mobile and sometimes PC based apps, so it’s rarely the same. It’s totally fine if you are interested only in certain types of tasks.
If you are interested, we would like to see a few previous Blueprints you have made in action (video is preferred).



Im interested in finding out more about the position.

You can contact me via Email ( or by Discord () and we can discuss it further.


@Fisher007 Would be interested in chatting further about what level of assistance you need. Here are some blueprint samples of my products on the Marketplace (video links in the descriptions):

And here are some games I developed entirely in Blueprints and widgets:

You can contact me at

Best wishes!

  • Jerry

Hi Fisher,

if you still need a programmer, give me a message please, here:
Let’s talk there.


Hello Fisher!
I would be interested in contract work for the near future.
Here you can find my website with videos of some past works as well as CV and contact information.


Good day! I am intresting in this advertising, so if you still need workers write comment. Creating fantasy game. - YouTube

My Portfolio