Programmer available for UDK work

hello there

im offering my services for any programming (unreal script) work you need doing.
i have a wealth of knowledge and pretty much know udk inside and out. ive done lots and lots of freelance programming for individuals and studios over the past few years and have been using udk since it was released way back when and have experience with the full UE3.
i know everyone is being told to use ue4 now but perhaps you have a game that needs finishing or feel ue4 is not for you. either way i am here to help.
unfortunately i cannot work for free but my rates are very reasonable and i am willing to discus with you what you need and your available budget.

no job too big or too small, dont hesitate to contact me by private message if you think i could help you.


This might sound a bit desperate, but would it be alright if I came to you for questions in the future? I’m an experienced programmer myself, but I’ve only just started programming with Unrealscript a while back.

Anyways, if my project grows in popularity I would probably be interested in hiring you for some freelance work later, so I’ll keep you as a contact.

hello KTML
sure ask away :slight_smile:

Hey, your just what I’m looking for! Fire me a pm so we can discuss abit more in detail if that’s ok.


Hello bro,

I have a freelance job, i will pay for you. Could you replicate the same system this guy have done in UDK:

- YouTube (gears of war player controler)

Cover System,Evade System,Melee Combo,Reload Fail,Special Jump,Run test - YouTube (gears of war player controler)

- YouTube (cinematic kill effect)

- YouTube (cinematic kill effect)

Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps Gameplay - TGS 2015 - YouTube (3rd person action with 1st person ironsights aiming)

I need just the scripting, you could use UDK Stock Models and Animations for this. Can you do this?


hi everybody!I need system of Artificial intelligence Cover.would you mind if you give me cost of system

I really need this :smiley: