Programmer and Graphic Designer

Good Day,
My Lead Programmer on this project will be unable to see the game through to its fruition and as such I am recruiting Devs to work on a
Paid/Contractual basis depending on your preference. The game is funded and we are working with a deadline which we hope to make.
More info will be given to the people selected

Talent Required:

  1. Programmer
  • Experience in creating a game launcher
  • Developing UI and working with databases
  • Networking Knowledge
  • Steam Experience/Knowledge is a bonus
  1. Graphic Designer(Filled)
  • Create logos, thumbnails
  1. 3d Character Artist(Filled)
  • Experience with Maya required.
  • Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
  • Expected to create, rig and animate units
  1. Level Designer(Filled)
  • Develop levels base on the details given

Will be required to sign a NDA if accepted.
Thanks for taking the time to review

Skype: westcut3