Programmer/AI Architect/Level Designer looking for Project

Greetings friends

I’m Kokos [he/him], a software engineer and AI expert.
My day job gives me 1 weekday off, which I’d like to invest on acquiring some new skills while having fun in a nicely organized collaborative environment.
I am specifically looking for a part-time internship/traineeship as a programmer/level designer in an established project with experienced leadership.

I haven’t touched UE4 much yet, but I’m a quick learner and an apt programmer.
I have 5 years of professional coding experience, hold 2 master’s degrees (CompEng and AI) and a submitted PhD dissertation (CompLing).
I can send my CV upon request.

I have some entry-level experience as a level designer; here’s some stuff I made on UDK (warning: 10+ year old)

I do not expect payment, at least not initially, but I do hope for some mentoring and/or active supervision.
I can invest a variable number of hours per week, to a minimum of 8 but potentially more during February.
Team size and project specifics don’t concern me much as long as there’s something interesting for me to do.
My timezone is UTC +1.
I’m also open to joining a project where I could put my domain expertise to use – let me know what you need and we’ll discuss specifics.

Feel free to PM me if you want to have a chat.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

I have sent you a PM.