Programmer, 3D Modeller & Lvl Designer for PSX Like Horror/ FPS Game

Project Title:

“The Stranded”


Hi there! I’m currently working on a project of mine and look forward to find a programmer, level designer and a 3D modeller that are interested to work with me. It’s important to make clear that I’m looking for a 3D modeller that is into low poly. The game’s planned to be a “PSX like”, so it is highly appreciated if you are a lover of PSX mechanics/ graphics like.

Must say that this project pretty much started 2 days ago! Yet I have managed to define and determine what I want for this game and have been learning a lot about 3D Modelling in Blender, since I want to be very collaboratively with anything I can on the project. Truth be told, I’m not a programmer and do not have any knowledge in coding, I have never tried to learn code but I’m more than willing to learn any skill required for my project. I have always been just the sound engineer and score composer (music dude) of several projects, committing all my time and patience to it while the people that are the head of the operation, the leaders of the project literally abandon their own projects after just 2 months of work. I’m sick of working on people’s projects that they don’t even commit to, disappear for bunch of weeks and at the end they drop off. Today I’m standing up for my very own project, and if there is anyone willing to collaborate and share their vision with me, feel free to join :smiley:

Game Info

**Physics: **3D / PSX look like graphics.
**Platforms: **PC Exclusive.
**Genre: **Horror / FPS Shooter.
**Mode: **Single-player
**Synopsis: **A family of the Hemington City’s outskirts has been kidnapped by one of the most dangerous sects of the country. Their plan was compromised thanks to one of the family members calling in the emergency services. Finally, after 6 years of investigation the police department pinpoints the current whereabouts of these criminals, unfortunately under horrible circumstances where the life of an entire family is at risk. The SWAT team is deployed to handle this high risk situation, none of them have ever experienced a situation such as the one they were about to experience.

Team Structure**:**

Me: Lead Director, Audio Engineer & Score Composer (Actively learning and focusing on 3D Modelling!)
Rotten: Conceptual Artist & Illustrator

Talent Required:

  • Programmer
  • 3D Modeller
  • Level Designer

Discord: Asymmxtrical#5939

Hi there. Added you on discord. Alex.x#0502. Add me there