Program for making tiled textures?

Hi, can anyone recommend a program that is good for making tiled textures? Like something with
some sort of mirroring function where you can see how the texture will look as you are working with it…

Substance Designer or Quixel are pretty much the standard at the moment.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

You can also get Kriti (Krita | Digital Painting. Creative Freedom.) which is a free program.

Pretty much any image editor… GIMP is free and has a ‘make seamless’ filter which works automagically.

I personally make all my textures in Substance Designer which is awesome. Allegorithmic also sell a product called Bitmap 2 Material which is super easy (and fast) to use and will auto tile and generate all the maps from a single image.

Allegroithmic is a super compony. There products are the best the learning curv is quite low and easy to use when you get a grasp on it. And the intergration, I can’t say enugfe there super good.

Try using CAD program , I dont know exactly if it will work, But just try :slight_smile:

Thank you for the replies! :slight_smile: I will look up the programs you all mentioned. Ive been working in gimp mostly, and it works fine, but the
workflow could be more effective with a realtime visualization. Ideally i would like to see the textures tiled while i am painting them in
corel painter essientials. But i think that is to much to ask for.

spiral graphics - genetica is super powerfull and completely underrated/unknown

Bitmap2Material is pretty easy to use.

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