Program for bake textures image generate NRM, DSP, OCC, SPEC free?

I need a program similar to Crazybump to be able to create all the mapping which is normal maps, specular maps, occlusion maps, and displacement maps that is free and as good as it.

I’ve tried using xNormal but it uses meshes and not images.

Every pass you have mentioned is created during the 3d modelling pipeline and based on your needs.

For example: normal and displacement map for concrete can be made only using photoshop. (especially CC which has the ‘make normal map’ function)

Specular , occlusion and other passes (like Z-depth or refraction) are usually built inside the 3dsmax / substance painter / etc.

If there was something that was as good as crazybump, and cost nothing, then crazybump wouldn’t exist… it’s a pretty sophisticated algorithm.

Bitmap2Material from allegorithmic will probably do the job - it’s part of the substance live subscription, so it’s cheap (but not free).

There’s also an app called shadermap that does something similar - no idea if it’s still being developed. It costs less than a pizza.

PixaFlux is a pretty advanced currently free software to create textures

There’s a relatively simplistic web application that creates you normal, ao, specular and displacement maps from a heightmap or photos, that I use from time to time. NormalMap-Online