[Profit Share] Looking for 3D Artist and Level Designer

Are you a game developer graduating this summer? Have you already graduated? Have you already had an experience with a video game studio through a placement year or are you looking for your first experience in game development?

Congratulations, we are looking for you! Do not hesitate to apply and send us your CV or portfolio to

You will collaborate with our team on co-op story-driven platformer game. Gameplay is similar to games like Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Knack or Darksiders. However, we are bringing in some features, which are unique to our game.

The project development length is planned for 6 months and currently we are in PRE-ALPHA version of the game.

[COLOR=#2d2d2d]We offer[/COLOR]

  • An unique opportunity to directly share profits from game’s sales - transparent and guaranteed payment model:

  • For specifics amount of worked hours you will earn 1 token (More details is defined in contract)

  • Payment is based on count of token earned

  • Your profit will be calculated in an honest and open manner, according to the amount of acquired tokens equally

  • You a position where you can grow and implement your own ideas - participate on development of game in many ways

  • Enriching working environment, which helps you to gain professional working experience

  • Time flexible working hours

  • Remote work


  • Be determined, you will be working on your own game
  • Be time flexible
  • Willing to cooperate
  • Have a passion for video games
  • Ability to multi-task, organize, and work often alone
  • Meet deadlines and deliver content.
  • Sufficient English skills

Environment Artist

  • Knowledge of world building/level building and be able to create fantastic levels
  • Knowledge of Blender is preferred

**Level **Designer

  • Design levels from conception to the final stages
  • Knowledge of modelling tools and blueprints is plus


Red flags

  • Empty words offering nothing
  • Fist post ever with ambiguous e-mail
  • Extreme requirements for no pay

Also, if you have experience - why would we need you when you offer nothing?

Hello Djinghis, we briefly answered your questions bellow

What do we offer?

  • Profit sharing
  • New development experiences
  • Work on existing project
  • Open-minded working environment
  • To learn more, please have a look on original post

**Why would you need us? **

  • if you want to finish your game in this life you need a team, also we need you as we can’t finish it by ourselves
  • You might learn more about game development and you can teach something in return :slight_smile:

Would be nice to have less marketing buzzwords. For eg:

New development experiences - I can have this making any project that is outside of my comfort zone
Work on existing project - how one can work on non existing project?
Open-minded working environment - what this mean? LGBT/non-binary workers or ppl that accept me coding in lisp or fortran.

“Why would you need us?” - exactly why? recruitment post main goal is to explain this to potential candidates.

Could you tell us about your game instead this weird “marketing wool carpets to elders” stuff.

For me in recruitment post is this what matters most:

  • if i can do what you need from me. That means if i have skills required. So describe tasks, if game has multiplayer, if its multiplatform etc.
  • size of team
  • how i am compensated for my time.
  • artstyle and genre, ie if i will enjoy making such game
  • deadline, size of project, that lets me estimate if i have time needed

We are very pleased that our advertisement has attracted your attention :slight_smile: We will try to adress all the questions as detailed as possible. However, do not hesitate to ask further or write us an email for more details. Thank you for all useful feedbacks.

  1. Our game is currently in an alpha stage = we have an actual game, not just a script, plan or an idea. Therefore, we offer a work on an already existing project. You can come and immediately work without any delays, everything is preprepared.

  2. We intend to create an enviroment, in which our team members can grow. To put it simply, you can not improve yourself if you do not have any opportunities to implement your own ideas. Naturally, practically in any game dev, you incorporate some your ideas. However, we want to give our team members the chance to directly affect the game in greater depth. Open-minded working environment means that if you decide to work with us, the assignet workpackage will be always pre-discussed and pre-agreed with you in advance.

  3. The paypment method is described in contract. It is part of our know-how and thus details are available only for job applicants.

4 The graphics style is stylized. The main focus of the game is local COOP aimed at two-player gameplay.

  1. By the 1/1/2021 we are planning to initiate the full alpha stage development. It is expected to end by the 1/7/202. The expected size of the team in Alpha stage is from 8 to 10 people.

  2. We are looking for people, who would participate on the Alpha stage development. Alpha consists of 3 to 5 levels, depending on the speed of development. The goals is to deliver a feasible product.

No, development of a MMO is too complex to start with. We did a market research and We have decided to make an arcade platformer local coop story-driven game.

Still looking for 3D Artists and Level Designers

Hi, Nice to meet you.
I’m very interested in your project.
As I am an indie Game developer, I have rich experiences in 3D modelling and level design.
if you have any question, please let me know.
my skype : live:hp_sweetdream