Profiling Draw Calls and Batch Geometry

Hi. I got unreal engine and read the documentation but i have to two questions:

  1. How can i see a profiling system when playing the game? I want to see the Tris count, Draw Calls, Time spend in every area of the engine etc…
  2. How Unreal manage Geometry? it will Batch static meshes? And about the Draw Calls count how it manage it?

We have various stat reporting which track counters and timing of sections of the engine can be displayed through console commands, stat <name>. This is low level info and isn’t very artist friendly. We should probably make a more friendly display of the artist relevant stats. Stats you are looking for are in stat initviews, stat scenerendering.

Thanks for your Reply. :slight_smile:
No problem about it don’t be artist friendly for now. hope in future we have it in the UI editor. :o
So What’s a “good practice” guide for geometry,textures, draw calls… etc? looks like UE4 is for next gen consoles/pc and very optimized inside, but what’s the best way to make scenes?
Example: If i instantiate in a scene two objects of the same asset, and bake ligtmass for it. In game i will have 1 or 2 draw calls? Lightmap is 1 texture per object or 1 per group? If i have x numbers of the same asset instantiated without lightmass i will have just 1 draw call? For those kind of questions that i hope we got more documentation in future.
Even if UE4 is for next gen not every consumer will have a high end VGA so… optimized scenes are a good deal anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: