Profiling Android Devices

I’ve been reading around but I’m finding it hard to fill some gaps in my knowledge regarding Android profiling.

Hitting Launch from within the Editor runs fine on device but the console there is limited (stat unit/fps/unitgraph) and commands such as r.vsync 0 don’t seem to do anything (whereas they work in Editor). I also tried ‘stat startfile’ and ‘stat endfile’ but couldn’t find any.csv files created. Perhaps they don’t work either. Ideally I’d like to profile from within the editor whilst it’s playing on device (as I do in Unity projects). I understand that this isn’t ideal because of profiler overhead.

I read that using the UnrealFrontend you can profile external devices - but it always fails for me (RunUAT.bat error) which I’ve made a separate question for ( At the moment I’m able to run from Editor or by building apks and manually copying it over.

Would really appreciate some help filling in these gaps! Thanks in advance

OK. I’ve found a workaround. Whilst I still can’t use UFE to launch - it turns out that “start statfile” actually does work on Android but it produces a file with extension *.ue4stats (I’d read somewhere I was looking for a csv file). The docs don’t mention working with external devices (as far as I can tell) so I didn’t know what file I was looking for.

Still not as user friendly as being able to check the profiler in realtime via the PC (whilst running it on device).

u can load the ue4stats file into session front end → profiler and see the same data as PC shows in real time

Thank you very much