Profiler view like telemetry 3

Like this: Telemetry Performance Visualization System

It would really help with understanding why your game is slow, especially with all the parallel processes going on in the engine. It could also help understanding the engine in general as you can easily see “the meat” of each frame happening.

Since you already have a frame based profiler, it shouldn’t be too complex either! Unreal already records all the data necessary to generate this view, it just doesn’t display it as nicely.

Reasons to make this:

  • Extremely useful for finding bottlenecks in your game
  • Helps understand parallel processes in the engine
  • Required data is already recorded
  • The current profiler view sucks
  • Telemetry is expensive as hell
  • Unity already has this?!
  • Makes optimizing fun!

Reasons not to make this:

  • None :smiley:

This would be good.

I’m surprised noone else seems to be interested in this :open_mouth:
This would be so much better than the current profiler view, which looks like this…

Adding my +1.

So… I was just casually scrolling through an old presentation. And look what I found:


I’ve clicked every single button in the profiler window twice and can’t figure out how to activate this view :frowning:
I’m assuming it has something to do with the menu that appears when you right click the graph view:


But there is only one greyed out option…

@gmpreussner maybe you have more information on this since that is your presentation?

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Almost a year later…

This recent commit adds support for the FramePro profiler for 4.20. It looks pretty similar to telemetry!

I’m surprised there’s no info on that profiler view from the presentation. Would love to know where it comes from too.

Stumbled on this post looking for something else. Framepro looks great; wish I knew it existed before rolling microprofile

Our implementation into UE4 is open source here:

Demo videos:
Through Chrome:
In-game UI: