Profile (Dashboard) settings will not accept my github account name

Within the dashboard -> Settings -> Profile , there is a entry for Github Account Name. I try to enter my account name, which is “Amadeus-” and this error message pops up: “Github usernames may only contain alphanumeric characters or single hyphens, and cannot begin or end with a hyphen”.

This might be true now, but it evidentally was not always the case because my Github user name is Amadeus- (Proof!)

Anyway, I couldn’t find a way to send a bug report or issue report to the staff for this website. Does anyone know how I can report this issue?


Hmm …I suppose if no one here knows the answer to this question, does anyone know how to send an email or contact someone on the Unreal Engine team at Epic Games to inquire as to resolving this issue? I can’t seem to find any contact information – Epic Games ‘contact’ page refers people to the main UnrealEngine webpage …which, as far as I can see, doesn’t have a “contact us” link or anything of that nature.

I apologize in advance if I’m missing something painfully obvious.


Hi Amadeus-,

Sorry that we missed this. I’ll see if I can get someone in touch with you about this issue. It may not be until after everyone gets back from the holiday break, though.


It’s no problem at all :slight_smile: Thanks so much for the response!

I should have also mentioned, in my original post, that I also tried using my email address for the github account name (which is legitimate when used on the github site, I believe); however, the same regex rules for that field entry prevent the entry of an email address as well.

Our accounts team was able to take a look into this situation yesterday. It appears that we use the same restrictions that are currently in place for GitHub usernames. Since your username ends with a hyphen, it does look like GitHub changed the username restrictions at some point after you created your account. We have internally removed the restriction of having an account name end with a hyphen and are currently running some tests to make sure we have not broken anything by doing so. Once everything is cleared, and I don’t think there are any real concerns that we will find any problems, this should be rolled out with our next update to the website. I will see if I can keep an eye out for when this happens, but you should be able to try again in a few days.


Thanks – I really appreciate it!

Hi I really need help for this problem. HELP ME

Already Linked Your PSN account “WeLovePutin” has already been associated with another Epic Games account.

Is it possible to delete that “other” account somehow?

i have the same issue with xxkidskullxx have you found a solution?