Proficient Blueprint Programmer for Next-Gen Indie FPS

Project Title:
Metalshockgame(Working title)

METALSHOCK Game is a cinematic story driven Doom style single player next-gen AAA Indie first person shooter for Windows-PC.
The project is inspired by Call of duty,Halo,GTA,Iron-Man,Game of thrones and The Matrix features an engaging story, challenging hip-hop themed environment and player freedom. I have a strong admiration for mascot killer-app type franchises such as Halo and Mario.
Engage in fierce intense tactical combat on foot, jump into your Mecha suit and unleash fast smooth fiery mechanized warfare on crowded metropolis streets then take off to the sky to engage in glorious 6Dof Ariel combat among towering structures all in a massive intricate seamless futuristic world.

Job Description:
The project requires a lead programmer to commit to see the project through. The project will use Blueprints mostly a avoiding plugins and C++ as much as possible a lot of blueprint samples are available for the programmer. The priority of the project is speed but remember that as project matures more developers/programmers will be added so legibility and communicating blueprint functionality will become important. Some ability to use C++ would be helpful.

For simplicity and rapid development the business model of the project is Premium pay to play without F2P in-app purchases or ads. That said programmer may consider making assets compatible with F2P monetization/ads/sponsorship and Multiplayer features as DLC content AFTER LAUNCH.

Compensation is revenue share and negotiable. Currently set at Revenue split is 50/50 up to 8 figures after the project ships and programmer is still committed at shipping. As the project progresses more partners will be brought on board with additional revenue shares. If Programmer quits while the project is in production time sheet should be provided for compensation at an agreed upon rate upon shipping.

Project should be updated(submitted) monthly except when taking a break, please give notice in advance before taking time off.
Project is M rated and features blood gore dismemberment nudity profanity non-pornographic adult themes and situations.
Programmer will be responsible for building the framework for the entire project using Blueprints from sample projects relying heavily on placeholder (work in progress) assets. Develop the project as advanced proof of concept project with a lot of the features not implemented and/or implemented with errors but can be “easily” implemented to make the same project ready to ship. However at the end the month the project should be able to build. The Large number of Blueprint samples that will be provided will need to be merged, revised to be cohesive with the framework the programmer implements, some will have overlapping features , miss features or be broken. Programmer will be required to work with little guidance little communication and make executive decisions. The priority is to get an overview of the entire project so it will be necessary to move on to the next phase before completing one stage.

The project is a big undertaking so it may be necessary to work backwards sometimes in order to complete the framework first and then return to uncompleted tasks(with a new perspective?) and not get stuck perfecting one set of features.

Good PC Minimum Geforce 970 Graphics Card
High bandwidth Internet Connection
Proficiency In UE4 Blueprints

More Info:…metalshockgame

World map WIP Preview:

Old Concept Video:

Old Detailed world and Level video:


Please feel free to message me or get in contact via email @

Hi @ThomasN,

I have a couple of questions:

  1. What is the unique features of your game concept?
  2. What are you contributing to the project?

Hi @TechLord and thank you:

  1. Unique features
  • Sophisticated mind bending sci-fi story suitable for mature audiences with colorful unforgettable characters
  • Open world design: jump into your Mechanized suit and drive or fly to the next mission or side missions. Engage in tactical combat on foot jump into your Mecha to unleash mechanized warfare then take off into the sky for aerial combat in a massive vibrant world. .
  • Arcade Mode transforms the game from story mode to “fun mode” will make the player keep the game on the hard drive permanently.
  • Looking for a fun AI enemies doing cool stuff such as playing cards(faked in matinee) exchanging insults are willing to surrender or run off etc.
  • AAA production values in an indie game on a low bugdet.
  1. My Contibution is everything except the coding for now:
  • I am the game designer and will provide detailed design documents
  • Menu and HUD designs are Locked(no more major changes) and need to be implemented
  • Level design: The Master level is blocked out and will be Locked, 8 sub levels are blocked out.
  • Set design(for matinee’s): is Pending after which the Sub levels will be locked.
  • Character design (Locked) rigging and animation(pending).
  • Story(Locked) and script.
  • I will provide the voice acting and planning an unusual marketing.
  • Blueprints sample assets including AdvancedShootergame, FirstPersonShooterKit, FPSGamestarterKit,Thirdpersonshooterkit etc.
    -Sound Design/Production and Licenses.

Hi @ThomasN,

Thank you taking time to answer my questions. I’m developing ExORION Sci-fi FTPS inspired by COD and a couple of others. I also appreciate Mecha, my nickname is based off a pen-paper Mecha combat game.

I specialize in Blueprints (Multiplayer) and reverse engineering Marketplace Media and Code Packages acquired over the 3 years ive been working with UE4. I’m seeking out co-developers, particularly those interested in Sci-Fi Theme, First Person Shooters, to take on creating unique modular content creation, in which generic assets will not suffice. Such as Player Character Armor, Weapons, and Level Design.

My intention is to merge game concepts and integrate my current code base to move closer towards product completion. After your response, I’ve identified a few differences between our products in atmosphere (terror/action), multiplayer support, customization, in-app purchase support on release. However. the opportunity to compromise exists, if interested. Who knows what new game concept will emerge.

Haha Frankengame? All we would need is lightning and the monter would wake.
Seriously I have little/no experience with RPG, Crafting, co-op and multiplayer. Metalshock is linear story driven except Arcade mode which enables an intense quickie fix and replay for busy professional types. I can submit some of my design documents and you can see if you’ll be able to make sense of any of it.

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Haha. Interesting enough, one of my first UE4 Projects was called Project Frankenstein. Its what I initially develop this construction methodology for. (see to the right)

		Inspired by Left 4 Dead, it was intended an Apocalyptic Horde Shooter based on the concept of Flesh Golems (reanimated) by a freakish electrical storm (electricity). The Flesh Golems could reassemble from dismembered limbs into larger monsters. This construction methodology is now incorporated into ExORION.

When you state ‘Story Driven’ I interpret that to mean the requirement of Missions, Dialog, and Cutscenes.You would have an advantage if the story is already written and easily to convert into Interactive Screenplay format with all the story branches written out. Perhaps we chat via discord. Easier for me to communicate as I develop on ExORION.

So you have a large budget (AAA)? but next to no budget (indi)(royalties)?
“- AAA production values in an indie game.” production values like paying staff, the title is confusing me.

AAA production values: as in trying to make something that looks like 100 gazillion $$$ dollars but alas was done buy a skeleton crew of only a few people for very little. Ill edit the description thanks. Changed the title from AAA to Next -gen I hope that will be less confusing.

Using the ‘AAA’ is subjective IMO. @ThomasN I would say scope down on your first game. This article sheds great light on approaching game dev in the fashion we are. Be prepared to do it all alone. Thats what I’ve been gearing myself up for.

Thank you very much @TechLord I just read the awesome article and I would say that the article is even very optimistic because you can ship an awesome game and still flop. and scope is relative i.e the game only has eight levels and Ill block out the all sets in one week and then take a month break. and i hope to keep the team as small as possible I have most of the necessary blueprints and I can put the blueprints together myself too but its gonna be some dodgy coding so am looking for a programmer who will give the project a solid framework to build on.

@ThomasN Dependent on the assets you’ve acquired from the Marketplace, your game virtually exists, just need to ‘glue’ the packages together to work as desired. Each Package can do things very differently, thus, a framework is to rigid. More flexibility is required. I’ve created myself a set of naming conventions and code rules to govern integration. Its more so ‘gluework’, then framework.

No body cares about how doggy the code is behind the scenes, its all about the end result that matters. In a rev-share project, No one is guaranteed to stay and commit to the project. I know this from experience (hence the gear up to do it all solo). So anticipate constant churn and a perpetual recruitment campaign. As Project lead, You must know all the entry points to code and assets to onboard new devs and assign tasks. There is no way around it, if you want the project to survive to completion.

Yes, it would be nice for Game Devs who join to share the same passion for your project as you. We’re in a game dev forum where everyone is here to make their own game, or work on games they enjoy. With our new ideas, we’re faced with the challenge of proving our game idea is better or more enjoyable then theirs. I’ve made more progress by incorporated the ideas of others and compromising.

The game concept I’m developing today is very different then the initial game I joined this community to develop. My goals have changed. My goal now is just to complete and publish a game that contains some of my ideas. It doesnt have to have all of them.

thanks for sharing

I love this mature and honest outlook from TechLord. I’m new to the forum and have never created a game, nor do I ever want to get that deep into the creation of one. (I admire you guys so much, but it’s too technical for me)…

However, TechLord has a fantastic mindset. You will succeed at anything with that sort of mindset. I work in Marketing, his advice applies. In business, it applies. In game dev, whether Indie OR at an AAA developer, I’m certain it applies.

I just wanted to highlight that point for anyone reading… I think it’s great advice for beginners.

And if you want to make a game, you will likely be the only one giving 110% into the development of it. You need the 30%ers, 60%ers and 90%ers to work with you and develop the game. That’s the anatomy of any team. You can’t expect someone else to be passionate about YOUR thing / passion!

Looking forward to seeing what both your projects bring. I’ll be keeping tabs on both of you