Professional Composer looking for work

Hello game developers!

I’m a composer offering production of high quality music for games and everything that comes with them. Whether it’s for independent or big studio games; completely sampled or live orchestra, I’m usually able to work within a given budget. My experience includes writing music for videogames, feature films and advertisements. Some of my clients can be looked up in my composer résumé.

My focus lies in the creation of orchestral type soundtrack music with high recognition value. Music has a major impact on every game, its perceived quality, and the player’s emotions. It’s extremely important to not just fill an empty void with something that seems convenient, but to actually create something memorable that has an identity. If you want your game to not just have a great sounding score, but also a high musical recognition value then I’d be more than glad to get in touch with you and discuss ideas.

My email is music[at]dennyschneidemesser[dot]com, I usually get back to anyone within one hour.

I know your time is of high value, which is why I’ve put together a this relatively short 5 minute demoreel that should include the most prominent genres.

More of my music can be heard on either my soundcloud, or youtube page.

Thank you for your time, I look forward in hearing from you! :slight_smile: