Profanity filter

I saw somewhere that Unreal Engine has a blacklist for offensive language already built in.
How do I access that and use it to check a string of text? I have a random name.generator for all plauers in and some combinations of words could make it offensive to some people. I want my game to be kid-friendly.

You can checkout this free plugin
Profanity Filter plugin

Thank you - I will consider it - However, I am mainly looking for information about the one that comes with the engine, that I saw someone had discovered though it was undocumented. But mayne they found it in a Ue4 game rather than the engine itself. I am not sure.

Hey mightyenigma, sorry for posting here but I’m really stuck, and I want to ask privately, do you have a discord?

I think so but I’ve never used it so hit me up on my email address.
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nope :((((

My email address is just my username here on answerhub with at gmail dot com added to the end.