Prof Music and Sound FX, Voiceover - Volkovstudio (team)


My name is Ilia, I compose music for everyday usage: video games, animations and so on. I like impressive video games, colourful cartoons and animation - in short words all that gives people joy. Quantity of my finished projects is approaching 100 (i have many completed html5 projects, mail me i will give links to the games). There are 4 sound specialists in my team.
I have a degree in the speciality “Information science in Art”. I practise playing musical instruments (clarinet - elementary music school, drums) for about 20 years and composing music for about 10 years.

Fault - Paragon 2 (sound design and music)

Tohu (sound design and voice)

Train station - UE4 implementation, sound design and music

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You can contact with me via
skype: vierarmig
e-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

Please check my portfolio:

Kizi Kart (World 1 music + sfxs)

Skate Hooligans - Amusement Park

Kizi Kart (Menu music)

“Candy Shop” - Gameplay (slot)](

Soccer Simulator Idle (music and sfxs) Gameplay iOS Android Video HD

Watch Out (sfxs)

Pirates of Islets (music and sounds)

PokerWorld intro music, menu music, sfxs 1

Timur Ruby (gameplay - music and sfxs)

“Connect up - Nescafé” by Jambo (sfx by volkovstudio)](

Skate Hooligans - Airport (sfx and music)

Sexy and Glamour (music and sfx)

Robo Repair (music and sfxs)

Collection of cats

Buffalo 3000

Drink & Sport


Meowvelous cat clicker (music and sfxs)

The Golden Age of Piracy Tavern 2018