Productivity App

While I know it would be possible to create a productivity type app (i.e. accounting app, recipe app, etc) using UE4 and Paper 2D, what would the drawbacks be from doing this? Would it be overkill to use a gaming engine to do a mostly data driven, with UMG elements, app or would it not make much of a difference? The ease of creating something like this using blueprints and the Paper 2D setups, I feel, would make it ideal to create something like this inside UE4. I’m just not sure of the practicality in doing so.

Any thoughts and opinions welcome!

You would end up with an app that’s much larger than needed and would require hardware that’s also much higher than needed.

and drain the battery far more than normal.

Possible? Yes.
Complete overkill? Yes.

Just don’t do it unless there is a really good reason :slight_smile: