Product Viewer Template - World Scale Slider behaving strangely

Hi, I’m new to the forum and pretty new to Unreal & Unreal Studio. I have found that with Unreal Studio 4.21 I am having problems with the world scale slider on the left controller on my HTC Vive rig. The slider is oriented away from the hand, I thought I could change/fix this in the blueprint viewport of the VR Pawn, changing the rotation of the “3D_Widget_WorldScale_Component” but it doesn’t seem to change anything. Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Also in the VR preview, when I scale the model, I am getting a very strange flickering as if on some frameticks the interface is jumping back up to the original world scale and rendering some frames then returning to the UI set scaling.

I have also found in some projects where I have used the product viewer template that the offsets of the controllers, camera and UI can get all screwed up, with me ending up holding small controllers and the laser pointer ending up misaligned.

I’m sure with more familiarity with the template blueprints I could find where the problem is, but any hints would be gratefully received :slight_smile:

I am doing my best to understand both the product viewer and multi user templates as I am hoping to build my own custom product viewer template with features from both.

Many thanks,

Keep plugging away. It does get easier as you learn the basics.

Thanks, going to keep at it!

I found that in the VR Pawn>InitData function I could set the Z rotation of the World Scale Widget to 180 and it now faces in the correct direction.

The flickering is still there though. Just to understand better the workflow here, why is it that the event dispatchers for the world scale widget are bound off of the “event begin play” but also within the collapsed graph “set world meters scale” that runs off the event tick?

Hi, I have uninstalled and re-installed Unreal Studio and started a fresh product viewer project and I am still getting the flickering of the model between scales when using the world scale slider. This must be something in the template surely? Can anyone comment on this, has anybody else found this?

If the issue you are experiencing doesn’t match with one of the known issues logged here:…mponent=&sort=

Then please file a new bug report for our staff to investigate here: https://unrealstudiohelp.epicgames.c…community-page

HI There ,

First , i’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue.
If i understand correctly you are trying to use the World Scale Slider for VR.
I’m curious to know how you accesses this feature since it wasn’t suppose to be visible to user .
The feature is still in progress and qualified as experimental for the moment.
For this reason there’s a good change that it is indeed buggy.

Can you tell me how you found it ?

Thank you

Not OP but its been here since the first release of Studio actually. As far as I remember it was possible to trigger it with the grip button on a Vive controller ? Might have to check again.

I can also confirm that it exists on the ‘off-hand’ but you have to rotate the controller around, as indicated by the OP, the slider UI ‘outward facing’