Product Viewer -- Part Info Blueprint

Anyone have a suggestion on how to create a pop up box that displays the products part name/info when you click on it? Not sure where to begin, there’s a lot of blueprint tutorials out there that gets me part of the way but are overly complicated for what I’m after.

Where is the information coming from? Are you hoping to pull from some database or is it pre-entered by hand into unreal? How is the data correlated with the geometry? How do you want to display the information?

At a super general level, I would think you would want:
a) Information stored in some structured way (potentially a custom ‘Struct’ in unreal)
b) A way to connect the information with the parts (like maybe a ‘Dictionary’ stored in the level blueprint)
c) To identify the part you clicked on (some kind of ‘Trace’ function)
d) To display the information (perhaps with a ‘UMG’)

Don’t know if that helps you get started at all? And of course there are many other ways to achieve the end result. I think you’re probably going to be stuck with ‘overly complicated for what I’m after’ type tutorials. You really need to invest the time to watch tutorials and play around. You’ll pick up small bits from each tutorial that you can use to get you part of the way there, but it’s going to be up to you to put it all together.

Not sure how you are creating your product but I assume that the product already has it’s name and info as part of it’s blueprint? so i would create a UMG that was your pop up and had variables for displaying your info - when you click on your product you would create the widget and pass along it’s product info - if you make a UMG variable Instance Editable and also Expose on Spawn, then you can pass along that info when you create the widget making it simpler too

Thanks for feedback, I figured this would be the case of cruising through a lot of tutorials and piecing things together as I go. This does help me narrow down what I should be searching for though, custom struct’s sounds like the way to go.