Product Viewer / Multi User Template - Poor VR Performance

As indicated by the title, I am seeing poor performance with 60%-70% re-projection (HTC Vive v1) when attempting to use either template. I am developing on a desktop with I5-6600K 16GB RAM and GTX-1070, which is not the worlds fastest, but the older VR Blueprint Template appears to perform much better.

Is anyone else seeing this?

The Multi-User Template appears to be a little worse then the Product Viewer, but could just be the amount of content. I have tried this with both 4.20 and 4.21. Very easy to reproduce, just create a new project from template, make the required VR preview changes, build and preview. I made no other changes.

I do not have any shots to show and I forget the exact numbers. In the Multi-User Template I get render times around 8-9 ms (90 Hz) when looking off into empty space, but as soon as any element get into view it goes way up to 14-20 ms, triggering re-projection and a drop to 45 Hz. When running the same build in Desktop mode the render times go way down, like to 1-2 ms regardless. I can see that these templates does not have VR Stereo Rendering enabled and all Post-Process effects enabled by default. I was hoping that these templates would have ‘some’ amount of optimization for VR since that is what they are designed for.

I spent a few hours one day just tweaking project settings trying to get either of these template to perform and was never able to resolve it. At this point I have resigned to creating a blank project and adding in the Product Viewer content, but I just do not know what type of performance to expect, so it is difficult to know if my content needs to be optimized or I am fighting a loosing battle.

I will follow this up by posting some actual number that I get from stats.

Hey Jonny I’m really interested to know how far you got with your testing, I think I’m working on something similar and i’ve noticed that performance fall back, but all that time i thought that I need just to modify and optimize my scene, and after a long time spend to do so, I’ve managed to really get a better performance for the scene, but not as i expected.
If your word are right and it might be the template itself i may be get some relief (because i start the project adding the project to a new level for the product viewer template - and start building from there).
I will be following up with you on that topic if someone with more exp. than me replies,
and Thanks for sharing your conclusions it helped me take some NEW considerations :smiley:

Hello there,

I just had same performance issue in that template, VR Blueprint Template appears to perform much better, I believe network setup causing this issue but just theory, keep searching what causing that for VR! Thank you pointing that issue…
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