Product viewer - constrain the displacements in execution only on "x" and "y"

Hello everyone,

is it possible to constrain the displacements in execution of the interactive root only on the “x” and “y” axis and and exclude the “z” axis?
I tried to see inside the blueprints but I’m not very practical.

Thank you,


Hi Daniele ,

This is no simple task but yes , it is possible.
First you must find the ProductViewer_Base_pawn PB and open it.
Inside the event graph
Find Translate Actor Section
You should probably make a copy of that section ( just in case something goes wrong)
Now I’ve attached an image of the before and after.

There’s probably many ways to do this but here’s one :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Marie Claude, really appreciated your help.
These days I try to see if I can.
Thank you very much again.


Hi Marie Claude, I did as you told me but I practically move the elements to the 0,0 plane but it doesn’t allow me to move them anymore.
I need to be able to move them by constraining the movements only on the x, y plane

I am attaching images of what I did and also the runtime movement.

If you can find a new solution, calmly I am not in a hurry, it would be wonderful.

Thanks again for your time.