product viewer collector

The product viewer collector didnt work with Simulate Physics / physics joints. Any solution for that?


the product viewer is expected to work with non physical entities:
a) you cannot pick physic bodies & b) displacement of actors is done changing its transform directly that is in conflict with a physical entity for which the position is controlled by the physic engine

You ll have to enable pick on physic bodies and change the displacement method to use impulse or add force.

Have a look here, it might be outdated as it is on an earlier version of the product viewer.

Hello Patron, thanks for the reply!! Can you say on which location (menĂ¼, Blueprint) i have to enable pick on physics and change the displacement method? Do you have an example? In my case it is often not necessary to work with physics but i need the joints (kinematic joints), because the drive information (considered all physics of the model) comes from thirdparty software via UDP! Do you have an idea to set this up?