Product overviews in the marketplace = nice

I ran across a tips and tricks overview of the Procedural Nature Pack Vol 1 by Pure Polygons while cruising the YouTubes.

When I first saw it go up I was kind of meh. After seeing the demo/how to video, and not just a playblast, I was sold and bought it (I’m in need of a waterfall ;))

I was also impressed with PolyPixel’s presentation of Lake Side Cabin and on my wish list (Want to play with my new waterfall first :D)

I know how hard it is to do a video presentation so I appreciate the effort and the reason I’m mentioning this at all is I would love to see such presentations being marked up under the price tag demonstrating, yes you will have to talk me through it, as to key features geared towards usability that might be overlook other wise.

Maybe I’m old school but I like being sold based on the sales pitch on something that is a bit more expensive than something bought on impulse. :wink:

completely agree