Product Configurator help - product categories, names and materials


I’m a newbie when it comes to UE4 and I’ve hit a snag that I just can’t seem to work out the logic for.

I am building a product configurator/viewer for the company I work for, to display on two 65" touch screen monitors at an exhibition.

Here is a video Example - YouTube

Currently, clicking the product cycles through 10 designs according to a category - simply using a onclick event with a looped multigate and 10 setmaterial nodes, each with a different material.

I am having trouble working out a blueprint or method that will change the materials based on a specific clicked category.

For example, when Floral is clicked, the static mesh will display the first design and the onclick event would cycle through the Floral designs only and when a new category is selected the onclick event would cycle through 10 different designs based on that category (10 Floral, 10 Sport, 10 Music, 10 Artistic etc etc).

Also what I want to happen is some text display the relevant design name based on what’s on the product.

Can anyone help or advise a better method to set this up?

Many thanks,

You could create an array of textures and have your click cycle through setting the texture sample parameter on the material. Make an array of the textures for each category and use, say, an enum to switch the category’s array.


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Ok if I understood the general sense of the question, you’ve got a fundamental UI display challenge.
The user must click the center screen to view the next selection, but that’s a very limited interaction.
Its better that as each option is displayed center screen, you can see all the other options remaining.

In short, It’d be better as a UI, to have left-hand-side thumbnails of all the possible available textures.
Then let the user click on that instead of the center screen which forces a restricted sequential view!
If there’s infinite choice then use a scrollbox of textures. Rama offers a free floating widget to do this…

For Matching a Text description to each Pic, put each material into a BP with a Tag, or use Datatables…
Datatables would also help narrow down the thumbnail range if you’re forced to always use Categories…