Product configurator Guitar BPAC error fix

Hi all,
This is more of a fix to a problem I had when copying over parts of the product configurator guitar to my own configurator. So I hope by posting this others will be able to fix it too.
Everything went well except one little errror that didn’t want to go away…
"Blueprint Runtime Error: “Accessed None trying to read property CallFunc_GetComponentByClass_ReturnValue”. Blueprint: BP_Configurator Function: Init Camera Graph: Init Camera Node: Init "
It all led to a node with a comment attached to it.
" BPAC_CameraMotion component is expected to have been added to target camera. "
The problem is that the cinecamera in the original configurator is just a cinecamera and not a BP. I assumed you could not add something to it, because you need to be able to open it. Which can not be done with a regular Actor-object. But after a while I finally noticed that there is a small component tree in each actor, but it is usually very thin and has to be pulled open in order to drag the BPAC Cameramotion component onto the camera. After that the error went away.