Producing Fan Art

I have read the fan content policy, and just wanted some further clarification. If I were to use a website like Redbubble, or a similar site that allows you to custom print your submitted artwork and offer it to the public, would it be permissible to do so if no margin of the sale went to the artist and the only cost was for service fees and manufacturing by the provider? (Essentially, 0% artist commission where I would not make any profit.)

My son and I wanted to make Fortnite related stickers and such using some Epic IP as inspiration from in game content. It would be recreated fan artwork, not just a screen shot cropped. We do not want to make money from it, but just wanted to do it for the love of the game and to make items available that currently are not available. (I hope that clarifies it some more.)

Thank you!

Unfortunately, that would still constitute a commercial use. As an alternative means to share your fan creations, you could make the sticker designs available for others for free.

Work in a style of an artist I love, my work process is pretty normal. I create the scene I want on a paper by making some light sketches. I rework my preliminary sketches until all the proportions are ok, then I erase the work and keep only a very light impression of the lines on paper. In the next step, again I go over the erased sketch with pencil and add more details. This result is again erased, and again keeping only a very light history of the lines. Then I start adding more details over these previous sketches. This process continues thesis writing until I’m happy, usually three iterations. When my lines are too messy because the iterations I use a light table to copy my sketch on a new art board.