Processor Experts, I need your help. Ryzen / Intel question.

Hi everyone,

We are upgrading the studio PCs and I wanted to get opinions on the best recommendation for processors. This would mainly be for UE4 developers that are compiling code, building lighting, engine builds, etc.

  1. Will there be a massive time savings from an i7 to an i9 or Ryzen? I keep hearing it will be faster of course, but in the 15% to 20% range. So instead of 20 minutes to compile, it would be 16 or so.

  2. Is it overkill to get a AMD Ryzen 3900X machine for games in the 5gb range. No massive open world MMOs, but decent size games.

  3. can you recommend a high-end, very powerful 10 core+ processor that should be a powerhouse and last for a year or two.

Thanks for the help.

I prefer Intel to AMD.
The upcoming 10th Generation HEDT 2066 Cascade Lake X series is going to be way cheaper than previous models:

At this moment you can get AMD processors for a much lower cost than an equivalent Intel CPU, the new Intel processors as mentioned above will be priced much better so if you want Intel then wait for those.

For gaming specifically you don’t need a super powerful processor, you’d be better off getting a more powerful GPU, a Ryzen 3900X is much more than you need for regular gaming.

i goes with intel. as u see i have i9. intel will knock down AMD easily. compiling and build is so fast. dont think of AMD having double processor than intel. its not about how much AMD giving processors. its about how they perform. INTEL

The AMD R9 3900x is less than half the cost of your CPU and it’s faster

Ryzen 9 3900x = 12 cores 24 threads 3.8 ghz, overclock max is 4.6 ghz (600-700 $ can) , I9 9900k 8 cores 16 threads 3.6 ghz oc to 5 (650 can)
For an I9 to perform the same you would need a 9920X 12 cores 24 threads (1600 $ can) I have been researching this alot, The new X570 motherboards are a little cheaper than intel chip boards, If your on a budget go with the Ryzen 9 3900X, In the end it is your call you might think you dont need the power, but in six months or a year will you be kicking yourself ? Didn’t someone once say "You will never need more than 128 MB+) ? (or something like that) Also dont skimp on ram 64 GB at least. 128 prefered then add a RTX 2080 ti or 2 and your off to the races. Good luck with you build, I am having fun building mine… Do lots of research though… Also Black friday, and cyber monday coming soon… Jus to let you know.

i have used AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X Desktop Processor. that’s why im saying intel is better. when we talk about light build INTEL will rock.

How can you base your opinion on a different CPU? Ryzen 9 3900X is like 30% faster than Ryzen Threadripper 1950X.

Ryzen 3900X is also much cheaper and faster than i9 7980XE so pick the Ryzen.

As stated, the AMD 3000 series is NOT the Threadripper series. AMD 3000 processors are mopping the floor with Threadripper and Intel’s line of 9000 series and lower.
You should do some research first before making an assumption. It’s a known fact that Intel has fallen behind on most areas except gaming. And even then, Intel only has a few more fps over the 3000 series.

In summary, AMD 3000 series are now better for an overall performance experience, and hence would be better with building lighting and multi-threading.