Processor Experts, a Threadripper question...

So I finally got to install a new Threadripper 3970x system today… which is GREAT!.. but something is not going quite as expected. When doing light builds in UE4.24, it seems to be using only half the threads.

Difficult to say if it’s caused by multi-threading not properly working or if some cores are just barely used (however, Ryzen Master is telling me that some cores don’t even speed up, so it seems. For sure the scene is big enough though, with 2000+ actors to be baked. My good old 16 core Treadripper 1950x always showed a neat 100% utilization throughout the light build.

What is happening here?

If you were using the same hard drive from your previous install you got the previous values most likely, all you need to do is to configure the LocalJobsDefaultProcessorCount at the swarm agent config to the amount of cores you want enabled at your local machine. Be aware that if you use all of the available cores, the system might get really slow or even unresponsive while building lights or doing other intensive work with swarm. Docs are here about what I have explained:…iew/index.html

Oh great, I didn’t know you could config this so easily. Indeed, I’ve set it to use 62 of 64 threads to remain with a responsive system. Thanks for the tip!