Procedurl fish animation

I’m trying to add animation to fishes in my underwater game.
But I don’t really know where to start, as fishes can move in three axes I cannot get good animation with traditional techniques (a.k.a keyframed animation). It doesn’t look organic and the animals look out of place.

The solutions that I’m considering so far are:

  • Making a procedural animation system where a combination of sine function controls the movement of the bones. Like explained here and shown here:


(Yay! this is my first post here! :D)
(Epic you are doing a great job and I’m enjoying my time with the engine)

Pose Animation has been on the UE4 roadmap for a while.
No ETA on when it will be available though.

You can always check out IK solutions based on the built-in FABRIK or something like IKinema.
Despite the difficultly I had with IKinema (when it first became available), there is a lot of potential there.
I intend to muck around with it more in future when I have the time :slight_smile: