ProceduralMeshComponent collision not working in packed game

I’v switch from UE4.10 to 4.13 for the proceduralMeshComponent improvements and bug fixes. But since then the collision in packed game are not working. How do I fix it? (I’m creating the proceduralMesh at runtime using cpp code)

I’v also posted it in AnswerHub but I don’t get any solution there:

More info:
This line is from the 4.13 release notes:

There is also this thing:
Is there anything special that needs to be done to enable WITH_RUNTIME_PHYSICS_COOKING now?

Bump! Anyone?..

Is this happening in cpp only? I’m asking because I have packaged a bp version which seems to collide as expected.

If you could upload a minimal project or post detailed steps to reproduce the problem then that would be helpful.

It seems like the problem is solved if the mesh is spawned in runtime instead of just placed in the scene manually.
Thanks for the help though.

I found the same bug last week and reported on answer hub

happen both in blueprint and c++ but i discovered that if you “initialize” stuff in the construction script (blueprint) work fine with manually placed object, the problem happen with the BeginPlay event.

Oh you are right, it does happen in beginPlay (for manually placed objects only) but works in construction script.

I’m wondering if there is other broken functionality on beginplay or if it is specific to the ProcedularMesh… good catch though.