ProceduralMesh or RuntimeMesh


I want to make a procedural Voxel world. I’m able to generate the world with 2 D Perlin noise.
I heard about a RuntimeMesh and where do I get information about Procedural mesh.

I solved the problem I pasted my code to the BeginPlay instet of the Constructer.
This is the code(mesh is a UProceduralMeshComponent):

TArray<FVector> vertices;
	vertices.Add(FVector(0, 0, 0));
	vertices.Add(FVector(0, 100, 0));
	vertices.Add(FVector(0, 0, 100));

	TArray<int32> Triangles;

	mesh->CreateMeshSection(1, vertices, Triangles, TArray<FVector>(), 
    TArray<FVector2D>(), TArray<FColor>(), TArray<FProcMeshTangent>(), true);

May be you can help me understanding the ProceduralMeshComponent better.

Thanks a lot for Help. : )