Procedurally spawning foliage using static mesh material mask

Hello everyone,

Extremely new to unreal and ‘this kinda stuff’ in general. I’m not sure if I’m asking the wrong question almost, but here it goes.

I am making a cracked floor which would have foliage, weeds (etc), popping through it. I have a mask in the material on my static mesh that I can use to specify whats in the cracks, i.e. grass or sand, and the size/intensity/etc. This side of it is fine, but I would like to procedurally spawn weeds where the cracks are, based on the mask. I can’t see how to do this.

In this instance it’s an outside floor, so I could just flatten ‘Landscape’ and spawn with a layer using a ‘grass’ node (as I know how to do that) but this would still be a problem if I ever wanted to spawn them on a wall in a house, for example, as that’s a static mesh. Using the ‘grass’ node on the static mesh doesn’t seem to do anything when fed the mask.

I’ve found a few topics that talk about this but all with no responses!

Am I misunderstanding one of the components here and why it isn’t possible, or just missing something that would make it possible?

I know Unreal often has multiple ways to do the same thing, so a few ideas and the pros and cons would be appreciated if anyone has the time.


If this any good?

I think the landscape is playing a part here.