Procedurally spawned rooms not letting me spawn rooms I add

I watched this tutorial and there was a GitHub with the unreal project, so I went “Hippity happily your code is now my property” so I could reverse engineer it and try to make a bunch of edits, since I couldn’t understand the tutorial too well. But the first thing I tried was to add new levels. They don’t give any answers, but they don’t spawn. the reason I presume is ive made zero changes to any of the blueprints because there doesn’t seem to be anything I can change. I think it automatically gets the children of the procedural level and spawns the streamed ones like that. I really like how this works (except for the lag spike you’ll get at times) and I want to use it, but I don’t want to be stuck to six random rooms. I think the place that’d be most likely to need change is in the Screenshot, but the arrays have no default values at all. its really weird to me. Any help?

Also it doesn’t let me post links to YouTube for some reason?!?!? the title of the tutorial is “DGAW Wednesday. Random Rooms using Streaming Levels in Unreal Engine 4”