Procedurally generated map from the menu

Hello everyone, I am new and excited about unreal engine, so although it might be a trivial deal for most of you, I will still ask because I am a newbie.

I want to create that has a map system like Valheim. Basically what I need to do is to procedurally generate a map at game start based on a seed. I have managed to manually create in a procedural way a landscape with grass and foliage, but I do not know how to do this from the game menu (I am using widgets for this). The Valheim game has it perfectly built for what I need to do, but I did not found any tutorials on youtube that shows how to create/save this map based on a seed.

Help is much appreciated, thanks!

Olá tudo bem eu achei um tutorial, que talvez ajude

UE4 - Procedural Dungeon - Part 1 - YouTube (Este link pode te ajudar ele tem uma aula completa sobre o assunto. Este é apenas o primeiro vídeo da saga que ele fez desenvolvendo as salas procedurais)