Procedurally Generated Map Crash

As a continuation of the previous thread(, whose lag problem was solved by instancing, I now have a problem where clicking on the generated map in component view crashes the game.

The crash report says: “The following process has crashed: UE4Editor-Cmd.exe”

Dropping the blueprint into the level and then clicking the generated map does not cause a crash. It only crashes in component view.

Making the map smaller(3x3) doesn’t help.

Still have the crash problem, any ideas?

And my latest iteration! :slight_smile:


Could you upload a higher resolution image of your blueprint?

I cannot make out the objects. I am trying to replicate/Solve your problem but I am having a hard time doing so with the low res image.

This appears to be a bug with an Instanced Static Mesh Components. They’ll crash the editor if you interact with them in the Components view assuming they have a mesh and an instance in them, if they are empty, you can still move the component.

Putting a report for it in.

Great, hope I can help make the engine better! :slight_smile:

As an aside, do you have any advice for a better way to create the map tiles? It seems the procedurally generated map using instancedstaticmeshcomponents acts as 1 single entity even though I intend each tile to be individually interactive.

It seems I could find a better way to generate the map, or I could continue using the current method and work in layers on top of the map that gets the job done…

I would but my blueprint has undergone some drastic changes and is quite spread out. I will try to provide better screenshots in the future. Thanks!

So what I ended up doing, is creating a number of collision only actors (boxes in my case), and spawning them in the same location as the tiles.

Static Mesh Actors that render are heavy and take forever to generate, but if they don’t render they actually generate pretty quickly and don’t impact performance much.

You should see about creating a hex only collision surface and spawning them along side your instanced static mesh hexes. Then you’d have a data object for the hex and collision for stuff to trace against or sit on.

10 DOP-Z may work for hexes, see: Static Mesh Editor for how to do that.

If not, check out: FBX Static Mesh Pipeline for info on generating custom collision.

So use my hex tiles as the visual representations of the terrain, and then spawn invisible collision hexes that act as my interface with the tile for units and cities and also to carry terrain stats like food and production?

Yea, that’s how I’m working it for now.