Procedural walking with FBIK but root motion doesn't work

Me and a colleague have started working on a procedural walking system with FBIK.

  1. We followed the procedural animation video from Unreal team on YT.

  2. Proceeded to implement a control rig with FBIK and the C++ code necessary to run the walk cycle.

The problem we currently have is that while the animation works there is no root motion applied from control rig. Basically the animation plays, walks forward and there is no change in the root position, the origin of the character staying the same.
I was wondering if control rig can actually pass root motion to animation BP and we have missed something or that perhaps we are trying to get something that doesn’t exist to begin with.
I am adding a link so that you can see the issue:

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bump, did you ever solve this?

I have the same problem. I’ve been fighting it for over a month already… Have you found any soution? Any hints are highly appreciated.

Hi, not sure if you still struggle with that, but maybe that could be a hint.
I worked on something similar a year ago, so I don’t remember much, but I think I fixed it by manually setting my character’s location in Tick function of my cpp file.
So, something like Char->SetActorLocation(/*vector in-between left and right foot positions*/)

My control rig’s ‘Full Body IK’ node had root behaviour set to ‘Pin to Input’, I suggest checking that too.