Procedural Trees

I’ve been working on some procedural trees over the past couple days, inspired by the Twitch stream of Ryan Brucks and his trees.


So far they can branch into foliage pretty well and grow around any static mesh geometry. A lot more tweaking and failsafe here and there but I think I’m getting close. I’m using only one basic cylinder and the profile of the branches can be controlled with a curve to adjust its thickness in different spots. I would like to make other pieces of geometry to blend the transitions of the branches for older and bonsai trees.

There is so much more to do but I’m just proud I finally got this far. A few months ago I attempted it with moving around the points of a skeletal mesh and that probably wasn’t the best direction to take so I abandoned it until now.

Here is a vine to see it in action:

Really awesome. Are you planning any sort of public release of it?

We’ll see. For my purposes I know the limits and what breaks it. If I get it to the point where its more configurable and foolproof I will most certainly release it on the marketplace. What kind of features would you like to see?

I’d like to see the ability to specify points for the plant(or roots) to grab/swirl around

I would too but I have not really thought about how to do that yet with the first round. I need it to be more seeded than totally random first and then moving points shouldn’t be too bad.

Random seeds are easy when you build something completely random. Anyway, I’d also like speedtree’s vine generation system in-engine but meh.

@RyanGadz Have you ever decided to release this bean waiting forward to it thanks :slight_smile: