Procedural Trash ( Trash placement system )

Trash Placement system in Unreal Engine 4.

Automated physics-based placement system allows trash to realistically being placed to generated unlimited piles of trash. Objects can be spawned in realtime ( simulate mode in Unreal Engine 4 Editor ) based on array with a Variety of settings. They can then be ‘baked’ into instanced mesh and be saved as part of the level.

This is inspired by a Zbrush tutorial I saw a while ago that makes tila-ble textures by stacking objects onto each other.

Nice Work. Procedural Trash was one of my first Blueprints. It evolved into this.

can i have this?

Hi @TechLord… your golem is reaaally amazing… but i’d like to know when you were doing procedural trash , what was your approach to saving the ‘collapsed’ data with the map?
There seems to be no way to save simulate data other than the Keep Simulated Changes button which isn’t ideal in my case.

My approach is a bit weird although it works , not as elegant as I would like it to be.

Thanks, Frozenfire. My proc-trash wasn’t very advance at that time, no save feature. It was a heavily modified derivative of Shoiko’s ClutterSpawn, generated randomly on Level load with the Construction Script.

I will be integrating Save/Load features in GOLEMCraft. Current thought, keep track of the trash actors, loop through them and grab their location/rotation vectors and move into SaveGame Class Vector array for save/load. Please elaborate on ‘collapsed’ data.

Perhaps you don’t need to save the location of the Trash Actor, but the movement patterns and firing of the Trash Emitter. Possibly, pre-record movement routes in Persona, or your BP your own recorder (savegame). Use some hide/fade-in visual trickery to fade the trash into view. Using a Random Stream/Seeds come in handy for creating repeatable, random numbers ideal for recreating and replicating a particular random effect.

Your use of physics is nice, I personally would try to retain that interactivity for Trash actors.

@Frozenfire Just curious as to whether you’re still planning on releasing this on the UE4 Marketplace? As I’ve noticed that your submission has been moved from the “Next Release” to a Private Board on Epic Games’s UE4 Marketplace Submissions Trello Board.

This is super amazing stuff… or maybe just total trash? :smiley: Ok… I couldn’t resist some kind of trash joke. Seriously though, that would be a hell of a lot easier than my current method for adding clutter to clean environments!

Any idea when an Update might be coming so that you can include this in a 4.9 project?

I will update soon enough, are there any particular incompatibility issues you are facing that I should look for?

Well…the big compatibility issue is that it won’t let you add it to a project in 4.9…that’s a pretty big issue.

Will be updating this tomorrow. Stay-tune… 24 hours time

I’m creating a blueprint that, in it’s functionality, has a part where I need to take physics-simulated assets which are added during run-time, and copy all their data so I can paste it back into the level much like your trash placer. I’ve been trying to get it to work for days on end, to no avail. I’d be eternally grateful if you could shed some light on this. If your product isn’t locked down in any way, and I’m able to look at the functionality, I’d be willing to purchase it just to learn.