Procedural Trash Place - Support Thread ( UPDATE 3 )

[FONT=Arial Black]Procedural Trash Place Support Thread

**Usage Guide : **
(read carefully)

  1. Simulate
  2. Blutility - Spawn : Do placement, start/stop as often as you want.
  3. Blutility - Bake
    **at this point the trash will disappear in world. DO NOT PANIC
  4. Right click and Copy the field called “Baked Mesh Data” ( NOT Object Data )
  5. STOP Simulate
    ****at this point BAKED DATA field will disappear. again , DO NOT Panic. **
  6. Paste the BAKED DATA field into itself


**16/8/2016 - Update3 **

- New Feature : Live Editing : You can now move/delete mesh during spawning phase
- New Content : New Mesh Pack ( FREE UPDATE )

  • Fixed bug involving baking where only last batch of mesh were baked.

** Video Update:**

**17/10/2015 - Update2 **

- New Feature : Added compression feature. Compresses rubbish down. Several option to play with. Check out demo map

  • Added 4.9 compatibility
  • Added option for offset ( X, Y, Z )

Screenshot of compress feature:

Hi, I have one question.
When baking the meshes and then copying and pasting bake data which then get places by construction script, is there any cost to this construction script when starting the game?