Procedural Tileset (Construction Script)

TL; DR; Procedural Tileset
(Construction Script)

Do you guys know any tutorial on how to make a blueprint of a tileset (for a 2D platformer) using the ConstructionScript, so I would have flexibility using the Editor. It’s kind of hard to explain, but let’s try.

I want to do so that, when you put the tileset blueprint on the map, let’s say, the ground, you can then “procedurally” create more while editing (kind of like they did in this video [3D] with a wall). However, I want it to be “smart”, so when it’s only one tile, it uses the single tile image, but if it’s two, it changes to the other image, so they tie together, and so on and on.

I guess it’s possible to do so with blueprints, if someone know a video tutorial, or at least if you guys could point me to the right direction, I would appreciate very much.

Best regards,

Danilo Castro