Procedural Terrain

After scouring over the engine code, I am still 100% clueless about how to modify the heightmap at runtime. I realize that I wouldn’t be able to use lightmass for terrain anymore, but my game requires terrain generation at runtime.

Anyone have an idea on how I could approach this? There are very few comments in the source code in respect to Landscapes, nor is there ample amounts of documentation :confused:

Hi MatrixCompSci, have a look at existing forum threads and answershub questions:

AnswerHub “How do I procedurally generate landscape?” (short answer: currently not supported!):

Forum “Does anybody have any experience with procedural planet generation?”:

Wiki “Procedural Mesh Generation”:

And also a nice example of “Procedural Voxel Generation In UE4”:

Hope that help!


Is there a way to build the world on a cloud server, and then send that to the player? Or am I stuck waiting for Epic to support it in the engine?

Edit: Sorta like load the heightmap into a pseudo editor on a cloud server, run lightmass/physics prebaking, then send the umap to the player. I understand the networking issues at play here, as I’ve already made a cloud server for AI prebaking. Would UE4 allow for this though

MatrixCompSci, I think that with enough C++ development you could do whatever you want…

But to get some advice from Epic you should absolutely ask your question to the Epic AnswerHub, with enough details, backgroud, and a link to this thread (and back-link it here for future reference).


There is the question I posted

One of the threads you posted claimed it was on UE4’s roadmap. Was it implemented, or taken down?

I decided to implement my own terrain engine, dedicating 3 of my programmers to work on that for a few weeks. I see no other way to do this with the current state of the engine :confused:

Hi, so are you going to mod Unreal Engine for your custom Terrain engine? Or are you talking of making your all game engine from scratch?

I am considering implementing my own terrain engine over a class like this: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums, then using compute shaders to manage my LODs