Procedural Terrain Generator

Hi guys!

My Procedural Terrain Generator (PTG) plugin was released 10 days ago, it’s my first plugin and I’m so proud of it :slight_smile:

**PTG **is a Blueprint-friendly editor code plugin that allows you to apply different noise algorithms to create different terrain shapes with water, nature, and actors in just a few seconds. The **PTG **has an Actor that can be configured within the editor or via Blueprints. The main purpose of this plugin is to save a lot of work and time by procedurally creating different terrains in a matter of seconds.

You can watch a 2 minutes trailer/tutorial clicking here](Procedural Terrain Generator (PTG) - 2 minutes tutorial - YouTube).
And a plane terrain generation test here](Procedural Terrain Generator Test - YouTube).

Please, ask any question you have and tell me what do you think about it. There are many questions already answered on the marketplace **here **and in the first video comments, take a look at them first.

Thanks to everyone who buys it, hope you like it! don’t forget to post your creations with it, and rate it on the marketplace :slight_smile:


Interesting product :cool:! The 600 Sq meter demo video is very much a tease though.
Any chance you’d upload a video showing a 1,000 Km spherical terrain / planet etc?

Bit of a question for you @Rockam - Is there LOD support for the terrain? If not are there plans to add it?

Just curious :slight_smile:

Wow that’s an insanely huge planet for UE4, but I’ll test it and try to do it! Thanks!

Hi HeadClot, I’m sorry but the terrain mesh has no LODs and I’m not planning to add it by now.

For you! :wink:

I’ve also uploaded a looong extended tutorial from cratch, apologies in advance for my terrible english :rolleyes:

Hey guys, I’m preparing an update for PTG with:

  • Culling distance support for generated nature/actors, making generated terrains more lightweight to render.
  • Button that creates a static mesh from the generates terrain mesh.
  • Some minor optimizations.

Hi, version 1.1 has been released :smiley:
These are the version notes:

  • Improved algorithm for nature and actors generation, now is more accurate and optimized.
  • Now, for each bioma element you can choose between 3 different types of rotation.
  • Added Cull Distance property for the generated nature and actors, making its rendering more lightweight.
  • Added support to create Static Mesh asset from generated terrain mesh.
  • Debug messages system improved and expanded.
  • Minor bug fixes and general optimizations.

Hope you enjoy the new stuff!!!

i just starting in unreal, and just bought this asset… is the support still active or dead???

Yes! I’m here supporting the plugin :slight_smile: you can write me your questions here or at

I’m really interested in this. How big of a spherical terrain can be made? I have been looking for some type of procedural terrain for a game. Nothing complex but something I can place objects marking semi-flat areas for buildings. If that is possible.

Well you can create a planet of the radius you want! but if it is huge it will cost so much… I have a video trying to create a 500km radius planet, I recommend you to watch it!

Regarding the semi-flat areas, at this moment PTG can only differentiate between underwater or earth surface, so there are no complex biomas, maybe playing with the noise settings you can get something like that.

Hey guys! PTG now supports UE4.25 :smiley:

I’m also preparing a little update for 1.2 version which will include terrain tiling support on plane terrains :slight_smile:

Hi, version 1.2 has been released :smiley:
These are the version notes:

  • Added support for tilable plane terrains.
  • Added Water Fixed Height type for water generation.
  • Fixed critical bug on GenerateProcMeshData function.
  • Minor general code enhancement.

Hope you enjoy the new stuff!!!

Thanks. I purchased the asset. I am currently working on a game which I wanted to do something similiar. I tried voxel plugin but it’s a huge price for the pro version. I’m playing with it now. If tiling was added to the sphere. The tiles behind and to the side then anything in front beyond the horizon can be hidden. It could probably cut down the load drastically. I’m assuming this would be good a good light weight planet generator.

Yes! It would be a huge performance improvement, but it is a very complex optimization, because it implies changing almost everything on the generation code. I will note that for the future anyways, but honestly, it is not in my plans in the short term.

Hi, is the water just a shader? or can you actually walk in it

Hi I got this in the Sept flash sale but it does not work on the mac despite it listed as a supported platform. Please can I have a refund.

Hi, apologies and thanks for reporting. I will try to fix this on the next update.