Procedural spaceship interior thing

I actually just made that build public. You can go try making a spaceship if you want

Today and yesterday I pretty much re-did every blueprint in Spacething so that it would be much much tidier, more legible, easier to build on, and particularly so that it would be easy to save and restore ships. So now you can load up a cooked build, renovate the ship all you want, press F6, quit, go back in later, press F9 and your ship is back like it was. Siiiiiiiiick.

You can also save edits made in play-in-editor, so I can, in the editor, start playing, renovate the ship a bunch, press K, and jump back into editor mode, keeping all the changes I made “in-game”. So you can just use it as a quick level design tool thing. Best!


This idea sounds neat.

'nother build with the saving

I’ve created a procedural level component generator but mine like a 2 year old’s sand castle compared to your eiffel tower here

Procedural levels are cool and all… But once you begin dealing with deeper gameplay aspects and have some level difficulty issues to balance, etc, it becomes a pain in the *** to make the level work as intended.
Also difficults QA on finding bugs, since everytime a tester tries the game it won’t be exactly the same setup.

That all depends on what kind of gameplay you’re after. I think it’s very workable as long as you keep the whole system really logically consistent and neat and legible as you go. In the last couple days I’ve actually rewritten most of this for neatness and legibility and changed the way a few things are done. This has also let me fully implement saving of room sets, which goes a long way to helping the QA issue - when a user finds a bug, they save with F6, send me their save file, I load it, and bam, I’m seeing what they were seeing.

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