Procedural Rock Wall

Hello, I’m trying to make a procedural rock was so I can quickly make cave maps. I have it set up so I can set the length of the wall and the spread between the rocks. It works great in the editor, however, every time I try to run my game it crashes the whole editor. Can anyone see anything wrong with what I’m doing here? I would appreciate any help.

You need to add your instanced static mesh to your blueprint before add instance of it, like in this example :

I’ve done that, but it still crashes every time. I’m not sure I get why this is happening. I change it up a bit:

Am I supposed to be setting something up in the components?

I’ll be afk all the day so i’ll can’t do tries, but as this works, or you have an issue with your mesh itself (i would check collision and use complex as simple for example) or maybe a bug i got when i copied paste part of instanced mesh system. I had to delete all, compile, save and do it totally new to have it working. Personaly, i would first try to do a basic instance ( a line of 10 with no instance touching another ) and see if it works, then the same with colliding, then adding variations you add for location, then rotation, then scale. Each time, testing to the crash, to eliminate, one by one, the possible trouble. When it crashes, you have the origin of your trouble, if it works, then it maybe was a bug as i got.