Procedural Road creation


I want to create roads procedurally of entire San francisco city. I have all the building models extracted from google earth , but I need to create the roads first in UDK , after that I will be adding the buildings. Please let me know how to do this without having to create every road of the entire city manually.

I’m pretty sure what you’re proposing to do in terms of ripping google earth models for use in your own application is 110% illegal.

UDK? Or UE4? In UE4 you can add a landscape, then add splines which segments you can fill with static meshes. More about it here: Landscape Splines in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation

Not illegal. You are more than welcome to do just that for personal use. If you use it your published game you’ll have to get permission. You can also normally get the Topography report from the local county and make a height map out of it. Good luck. And spline actors is correct, Check out content examples , landscapes, example two, has roads.


There is no option in google earth to extract 3D models from the software, doesn’t this seem a little odd that such an obviously useful feature that people would want expect of the software would be missing if google were ok with what you suggest?

This is hopefully the bit where you link to a google TOS agreement?

There is no option inside google earth to extract these models, doesn’t it seem a little odd to you that an obviously useful feature people would want to use is not included in the software?

This is hopefully the bit where you refer me to Google TOS as you MUST have read such info to be able to make such a statement?

Oops sorry, it is UE4 , not UDK.

Yeah , regarding extracting building from google earth, there are two ways :
3d ripper
3dVia printscreen.

But I am not getting into that argument , as the quality I am receiving is very low , and hence I am no longer using those buildings. I have found out a better solution.
You can see the street view of almost every corner of San francisco in Google earth, so you can see the buildings from really close up. So it is good idea to observe the buildings from every angle , and design them from scratch in Maya/3ds max.